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How To Csr2 tier 1 best car: 5 Strategies That Work

Hello! Im a new player that started playing CSR 2 a month ago, and im right around the corner of finishing tier 3, im planning to win every boss car in CSR 2, i could win the T3 Boss car and get a head start, but i need a car to win the T4 boss car, i have 2 cars in mind, the 2015 Nissan R35, and the LB (Liberty Walk) Acura NSX, the cash reward of …Vendettagod 11 years ago #3. Correction. The best car for Tier 3 in order is. Mustang Boss LS > BMW M3 Coupe > Mustang Boss 302 > Corvette C6 > Camaro ZL1 > Yoshiro's Nissan 370Z. This is based on average ranking for each car after receiving maximum upgrades. Boards. CSR Racing.Beating FINN and all races for Tempest 2 tier 2 using a 1 star BMW M235i. I show you each setup for each PP bracket and the tuning.CSR2 | NEW FASTEST CARS FOR EACH TIER | Legends UpdateTier 1 (3 Star): NOS 225/3.3 - FD 3.94 - Tires 0/100Tier 2 (3 Star): NOS 335/5.5 - FD 2.00 - Tires 0/10...All CSR2 Cars With Best Time, Adjust & Shift Pattern Chart (May 2023) ... Find for Tier 1 cars: Car ... Tier 2 Cars Best Times & Tunes. Search for Class 2 cars: CarCheckCSR2 Tier 1 Car's Collection at CSR2 MODS STORE 🏆 ⭐ 100% No Survey CSR2 BOSS ️ FREE CSR2 MODS . Top Ups . Cheats for CSR2 Racers ️CSR Racing 2 Drag Racing Game Updates ️ IOS Android Accounts 🚫 Mod MenuCSR 2 | Tempest | Tier 3 | Boss Times | Best Cars To UseHello in this video i will take you through the best cars to use for tempest Tier 3This is for all te...The Rimac Nevera is a paid CSR2 Flash Event Car of Season 172. NOS. 225 / 4.0. Transmission. 2.00. Tires. 0 / 100. Shift pattern. Perfect start, 44mph 2nd and NOS, rest deep good shifts.WRX STI is good because you can get the free elite tuners crates containing fusions and stage 6s for it, but the NSX-R is the fastest tier 4 car when maxed. 10. Reply. Share. luxCo-Banker. • 2 yr. ago. This is a fairly good car in live racing (dyno beater), but for Tempest it's not the best one. 5. Reply.Venom F5 concept is one of the faster Stage 5 cars out there. Runs mid 7s IIRC. /u/ The_Crow is one of the Coolest Experts of the CSR2 game and I think he has the best solutions for this one 😎👍 Good Luck and Happy Racing 😉🤞😁🏁🏎🏁. iirc the McLaren F1 is the fastest Tier 5 only car in the game.I chose the Volkswagen Golf GTI for my tier 1 and didn't win the boss car, and now I'm onto tier 2. i would suggest restart if you didn't get the boss car, make sure you can run 0.3~0.5 consistently ahead of the boss time, the car is not much use but it's good for collection, also the t1 lb gt 86 is decent in live racing. so choose golf gti for ...Official CSR2 website for exclusive store offers, news and community channels ... Out now on iOS & Android. World's most popular mobile drag racing game. WATCH TRAILER. CSR Racing News April 1, 2024. 5.0.0 Blog Update. February 15, 2024. 4.9.0 Update. NEW CSR 2 Webstore - Offers, gifts, and MORE! ... Let your love of cars meet the limits of ...aidanluedke. •. Pretty much all tier 1 cars can do it. The golf gti stands the best chance at doing it fastest as far as I know, but I did it with the Toyota 86. Reply. Bull102508. •. I used fiesta all the way to tempest 3. There they make you use the miata.The current criteria are to beat Tiers 1, 2 and 3. The tiers refer to beating the crew challenge battles. However it is currently pending one tier higher than staying in the offer. I e. Tier 1 only credits after you have beaten the tier 2 boss Ashleigh. tier 2 pends after beating tier 3. Therefore you will need to beat T4 to get all credit.Finn's Challenge Race 1-50, compose in five parts, starts from a lower PP. Try to balance your upgrades, so that your car will be fast enough to beat the tim...In this CSR2 Racing video I will be using the Toyota GR Supra to beat the Tier 5 boss Shax and win his Koenigsegg Agera R.I take you through running all the ...CSR2 Quick Guide To Beating Bosses and Winner Their Cars, Danny Lightning, CSR2, CSR Racing 2, Danny Lightning CSR, CSR,#gamer #games #gaming #gameplay #game...I completed the Tier 1 ladder (24 races?), And beat Nu Fangs and have a Tier 2 car and already beaten a couple drivers in Ashley's Tier 2 gang Gold Rushers. But it tells me I have more Tier 1 stuff to do? Where can I find them? It's telling you to beat tier 2 (and three, and four, and five) to unlock more races in tier 1, it's just worded badly ...This video will show you how to choose a car to make elite when its time for your elite license time trials, csr2 elite, csr2 elite license, csr2 tempest, cs...The Jaguar XJ220 is a tier 5 car in CSR2. With a time of 7.960s. for the 1/2 mile it is not one of the fastest Tier 5 cars. The Elite Jaguar with 5 yellow stars is quite faster. XJ220 Specifications The real XJ220. The Jaguar XJ220 is one of the legendary super sports cars in automotive history. Jaguar only built 287 units between 1992 and 1994.Same, although as of a while ago the highest stats were maxed bucotti ciento viente. The EXR Extimo with the metal plow is my favorite to use. 563 subscribers in the CarCrushers2 community. The subreddit for the popular Roblox game Car Crushers 2. ⚠️ This Subreddit isn't ran by official mods….There are som many special car events going in i CSR2 that you can easily pull yourself a rare imports car for this tier with Silver Keys so don’t waste your Gold here. The Nissan is also a nice car with insane grip and you can push him to 11.804s on the 1/2 mile track using a tuning of 264/4.0 Nitro, F-Drive of 3.01 and Tires at 53/47.Jan 30, 2024 · Tier 3: Kurtz (Azure Inferno) - Ford Mustang HPE750 ( 10.588s) Tier 4: Victor (Shax Industries) - Jaguar F-Type Project 7 ( 14.179s) Tier 5: Tyler Shax (Shax Industries) - Koenigsegg Agera R ( 11.957s) Those are all the boss times you need to beat to unlock their cars in CSR2! For more content about the game, take a peek at the best cars in CSR ... Sep 25, 2012 ... The best car is definitely the z4. I ran 7.299 with it. The z4 achieves almost 220mph in the 1/4 mile race. So far none of the other cars can do ...Best tier 1 car for Angels challenge? : r/CSRRacing2. r/CSRRacing2. • 3 yr. ago. Alexodalv. Best tier 1 car for Angels challenge? Help/Advice. So I've already made my …CSR2 Top 30 Fastest Tier 5 cars, January 2021, in this video we are going to check out the fastest tier 5 cars in the game, this list will change over time ...Despite the fact that this R8 is probably the best-looking R8 in CSR2 and getting fusion parts is quite easy it can "only" get you a 8.0xx time which is pretty slow for a Tier 5 car. Stage 6 Tune & Shift Pattern. Tune & Shift Patter will come after the season is finished and can be found here: 5️⃣: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️: ⏱: 8.5sI like the Golf in Tier 1. It has a far from maxxed tune that wins better than 10 - 1 and doesn't get bumped. Tier 2 lately has been 4C Launch. It also has a winning, less than maxxed tune but it does get bumped. I'll probably get laughed out of here but I like Ashleigh's CLA 45 for Tier 3. It is maxxed. RX 7 RB in Tier 4. It wins more than it ...Either the Ford Mustang or the BMW M4, if you have enough fusions and stage 6 for them, they can rock. I beat the boss with the mustang no problem. I had full s5 and it won it easily. Buy the M4 and add fusions and keep buying M4s over and over again and stripping them.BMW parts go in tier 4 and tier 3 and tier 2 so you can have lots of extra this video we will talk about what cars you need for tempest 1 and tempest 2, these cars will get you thew both no problem and you can buy them with game...All the cars below can be purchased for Cash without the exception of Tier 2. Tier 1: Golf GTi. Tier 2: 718 Boster S. Tier 3: M4 Coupe. Tier 4: GTR. Tier 5: F12 Berllinetta (Easier …CSR2 top 10 fastest Tier 1 Cars, csr2 fastest tier 1, csr2 fastest T1, Danny Lightning, CSR2, CSR Racing 2, Danny Lightning CSR, CSR,#gamer #games #gaming #g...CSR2 Cars By Tier Ver todo. CSR2 Tier 1 Cars. CSR2 Tier 1 Cars. CSR2 Tier 2 Cars. CSR2 Tier 2 Cars. CSR2 Tier 3 Cars. CSR2 Tier 3 Cars. CSR2 Tier 4 Cars. CSR2 Tier 4 Cars. ... The best cars in CSR2 are the ones that match your personal preferences and play style. You may prefer a car for its appearance, sound, handling, or performance, and have ...The ⚡ CSR2 Ressource for Tunes ⚡ Shift Patterns &Tips! Find all News about CSR2 on Get all CSR2 Pro Tips. Skip to content ... HONDA CSR2, all Cars with Best Tunes; 03/03/2024. Aston Martin Valour CSR2, best tune and shift pattern; 03/02/2024. CSR2 PC Cars Archive – ALL Seasons 169 – 116;Hey guys, I was wondering what is everyone's most preferred cars in the new RP system for each tier. I currently use the Honda Civic, Boxter (obvious), Hellcat, F40, Vulcan. Which cars do you guys like to use in Lives? My go to is the elite for the tier for the extra RP. Both T3 Porsches maxed out.Are you an artist, musician, or content creator looking for a way to monetize your work and engage with your fans on a deeper level? If so, then Patreon might be the perfect is the complete list of all tier 5 cars in csr 2 racing! there are 428 tier 5 cars in the game! insane right?! make sure to like the video & comment "al...CSR2 Tier 1 Cars; CSR2 Tier 2 Cars; CSR2 Tier 3 Cars; CSR2 Tier 4 Cars; CSR2 Tier 5 Cars; CSR2 Boss Cars; CSR2 Legends. CSR2 Legends. LEGENDS Chapter 1; LEGENDS Chapter 2; Mclaren F1; ... The best cars in CSR2 are the ones that match your personal preferences and play style. You may prefer a car for its appearance, sound, handling, or ...Choosing The Right Parts To Remove. First of all go through all the different tuning parts (engine, body, etc.) and see how much PP lowers when going to a lower stage upgrade there - some will give you a small decrease, other a huge decrease. Normally you will have a mix of Stage 5 and Stage 6 parts in that car so bringing all of them on the ... Tier 1: You get trough the 1st races and have to buy a car for gold. You have to pick a car. Even at the 1st choice moment, there are 2 paths to pick. In the tester I went for the Boss. Tier 2: Here the main choice is: With the Tier 1 boss car, you can do the first few crew races and a few Ladder races. I give you my Tier 3 contenders which I think are the easiest cars to beat the Tier with. I specifically show you every PP bracket tune for the LB M4 I used.... It is one of the faster Cars in CSR2 Tier 5. CSR2 Season 151, HThe best cars in CSR Racing 2, in every ti Vanquish works, but use a GTR instead of u get one from a crate. They are super fast and can easily win TEMPEST and the sprints. NSX sucks at 0-100 (9 gears is a killer for bottom end),the Jag will get you through but is below average live racer so you investment in parts is short lived unfortunately.TheInsane42. • 2 yr. ago. I preferred the M4. The 2* M4 is 0.2 faster then the Mustang when maxed, but there is no WR for the 0* M4. Both cars need to be stripped after use as 0*, as in both cases, you're better of with a 2* (even though the Mustang can be upgraded via ec levels). It's a matter of taste. I expect the Mustang to need a few ... Sort by: ins3ne33. •. All the cars below can Hero Wars is a popular mobile role-playing game that has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. With its vast array of heroes, each with unique abilities and skills,... The Wall Street Journal, commonly known as WSJ, is one ...

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TheInsane42. • 2 yr. ago. I preferred the M4. The 2* M4 is 0.2 faster then the Mustang when maxed, ...


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How To Rank Ascend new bedford ma: 8 Strategies

aidanluedke. •. Pretty much all tier 1 cars can do it. The golf gti stands the best chance at doing it faste...


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How To Do Red lobster lansing photos: Steps, Examples, and Tools

Hey guys, I am inquiring which would be the best car to use for beating Konduits Challenge.. Any help would...


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How To Maven heritage?

The white Ferrari F40 from the Beta Season. The c10 Tiffany chevy pick up used to be in the...


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Apr 15, 2019 · There are som many special car events going in i CSR2 that you can easily pull yourself a rare impor...

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